I am Amanda Ramirez, Doctor of Physical Therapy , Full-Spectrum Doula, and Yoga Instructor. My passion, purpose, and truth is to honor the body’s innate and incredible capacity to heal, be real, raw, and whole. With a scientific mind and passionate heart, one of my greatest strengths as a clinician and instructor is the ability to serve and educate from a place that recognizes that both the body and the reality around us are a series of interrelated parts that create a much larger whole.

It should not go without mention that I am a Leo, so I live big and love hard and have a voracious appetite for sunlight, fresh air, and real food. If you're interested in working together, view my services here.


Dr. Amanda Ramirez is a bilingual (english and spanish) licensed doctor of physical therapy, full-spectrum doula, and certified yoga instructor. She obtained her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California and her Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology and Gerontology from the University of Illinois.  In 2009 she completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training and a second in 2013. In 2018 she became a full-spectrum doula which complements the additional physical therapy training she has in internal/vaginal/pelvic floor muscle examination, evaluation, and rehabilitation.

Yoga, meditation, and time well spent outside all give her the opportunity to experience both movement and stillness in connection with breath. Through these practices, she has grown to appreciate how breathwork can be the connecting, calming and clarity-inducing force that down-regulates the nervous system. Strategies that promote presence and peace have become central in how she provides care. It's important to her that her patients and students develop resiliency, increase their capacity to overcome adversity, and, in turn, optimize their ability to heal/re-integrate/thrive after stress, injury and/or trauma. Through yoga, she was introduced to Ayurveda- the mind-body medicine native to India. Connecting with this medicine facilitated a re-awakening of her own medicine...the medicine native to her ancestors. Activating those ancestral memories reaffirmed the importance of community, ceremony, sound, food, plants and spirituality in her healing work. As a full-spectrum doula, she's given the opportunity to intimately witness: trust, transition, surrender and celebration. To her, it is an honor to continuously learn how to deeply hold space for all expressions of life and death. 

Her background and experience allow her to acknowledge that there is a powerful and undeniable dynamic between and beyond all things. Interactions seen and unseen, within and between, acknowledged or not, affect us all individually and collectively. For this reason, she advocates for the reform of oppressive systems that create stress, disease and health disparities. Her work aims to support social justice and dismantle unjust ideas and conditions that lead to social inequality. She's passionate about offering bilingual traditional healing and birthing ways to communities of color. Historically, these are the people whose medicine and identity have been lost, suppressed, and devalued because they were considered threatening to settler-centric power dynamics. Many of our public health crises can be attributed to the uneven distribution of privileges and burdens, and to Amanda, it matters to amplify and uplift the voices of those that need to be heard.

Amanda's mission is to be a facilitator of holistic health by approaching wellness and patient-care from a perspective that's rooted in evidence-based practice, informed by natural movement, and infused with ancient holistic healing wisdom.  Believing that certain health disparities are a reflection of social inequalities, Amanda's vision is to help reform our health care delivery system in order to make wholeness a sustainable and accessible option for all our relations.

Evidence-Based Practice

 Amanda believes that Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) lays the foundation for a health-care delivery system that is holistic and of high quality. EBP integrates:

  • clinical expertise/expert opinion
  • scientific evidence
  • client/patient/caregiver perspective

Natural Movement

With a deep reverence and respect for nature, Amanda aims to spend as much time as possible outside. Nature often influences the way she thinks, moves and feels and thus informs how she views healing and health. Her movement recommendations usually consider "how it is that we would naturally move in the world without the conveniences of modern living?" , "what's influencing our drive/need to move or not move in the way we do?" , and  "How can the ways we choose to move or not move be more sustainable for us, our community and the environment?"


Ancient Holistic Healing Wisdom

Throughout time, and around the world, there have been many healing practices devoted to prevention and great healers with impressive knowledge acquired via observation and meditation. Able to appreciate this, Amanda's insights are often inspired by valuable wisdom found in yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Native American, MesoAmerican, African and Caribbean/Taino healing traditions.