A physical therapy program that integrates herbs, magic and illusion to improve hand function. An engaging way to reduce hand pain, swelling, and stiffness and increase strength, circulation and coordination.


Functional, strong, coordinated hands enrich our lives in many ways. Our hands allow us to carry out a multitude of daily tasks. Thanks to them we can write, grip, manipulate, communicate, massage, chop, carry and cut. How we engage with the world drastically changes when our hands are stiff, swollen, painful, and weak.

As a doctor of physical therapy, I’ve rehabilitated my fair share of hands post- trauma, surgery, and injury. I bring all that experience and expertise to the table as well as the wisdom gained from personally having to rehabilitate my own hand after injury. Once upon a time I had the pleasure of falling off a stage. My right hand, wrist, and arm broke my fall. At the time, I was busy and ignorant, and didn’t have the capacity to deal with it. Years went by and it was undeniable that my wrist was stiff and my hand was swollen. As you can imagine, my hands are an invaluable tool in my work so, needless to say, push came to shove and I had to put in work. My version of living happily ever after is that now, I don’t take my hand function for granted :)

Physical Therapy (PT) promotes healing via movement, alignment, prescribed exercises, education, and skilled bodywork. Plants have been the basis for medical treatments throughout all of human history, and there’s power in that. I received my PT training in school and have learned about traditional healing ways, which includes herbal medicine, through experience, my family/friends/community, courses and workshops. Through the alchemy of PT, plants, water, oils and herbs I’ve created my own special kind of magic and I am excited to share how I integrate all these modalities into hand therapy and care. Speaking of magic, I literally include magic tricks into my hand therapy and it’s been, by far, one of my favorite ways to challenge and engage my patients in their plan of care. It takes hands with skill, dexterity, and coordination to pull off magical illusions. Acknowledging that, many therapists, like myself, have been integrating magic tricks into rehabilitation. Much love to David Copperfield who developed “Project Magic”, an innovative way to marry entertainment and medicine by using magic as a form of therapy.

In this 4-hour e-course I’ll teach you how to integrate PT, plants, magic, and illusion into hand therapy and care. Herbs for skin health, magic tricks to engage and motivate you to improve hand function, and a breakdown of bodywork and exercises that will help you achieve the coordination necessary to pull off magical illusions. Along the way, you’ll learn cost-effective strategies that reduce hand swelling, ways to manage stiffness, and fine motor skills that will develop your hand strength.

Research wise, it’s well known that our grip strength can be an indirect measure of our vitality and total-body strength. In 2015, Leong et al published a study that evaluated grip strength in 140,000 adults across 17 countries and then followed their health for an average of four years. The findings revealed that those with higher grip strengths were less likely to have a heart attack or stroke, or die from cardiovascular disease. Harvard Health commented on the study saying, “interestingly, grip strength was a better predictor of death or cardiovascular disease than blood pressure… The connections made between grip strength and death or cardiovascular disease remained strong even after the researchers adjusted for other things that can contribute to heart disease or death, such as age, smoking, exercise, and other factors.”

Developing hand strength in isolation doesn’t automatically improve your overall health. Rather, strong, healthy hands contribute to you carrying out other complex and demanding tasks that help maintain your overall strength and function. As more and more of your hand function is restored, I hope you use it in ways that not only serve you, but also uplift and heal your community. That’s the part I look forward to with all of this… seeing how you all use your new-found hand function to add value to your community. Whether you maintain a garden, cook for a new mom, massage a family member, and/or entertain your friends with magic tricks, may the effects of this medicine multiply!

xo Amanda



VIDEO LINK (EN ESPAÑOL) |  https://youtu.be/eMTQuIj5IIY

VIDEO LINK (EN ESPAÑOL) | https://youtu.be/eMTQuIj5IIY


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