Amanda is based out of  Hermosa Beach, California. She currently offers weekly public yoga classes and physical therapy services that serve the Southbay and greater Los Angeles area. She is willing to travel to other locations/regions for workshops, lectures, and speaking engagements with the understanding that additional travel fees may apply. When submitting a request, be sure to specify your location and inquire about travelling fees.


Amanda is a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. She currently practices in an outpatient orthopaedic setting with a special interest in integrative medicine and holistic health. The patient's story informs Amanda's thorough questioning and guides her objective exam. After an in depth movement analysis, she takes the time to educate, and then works towards collaborating with the patient to come up with viable solutions. She primarily uses manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and therapeutic exercises to restore mobility, optimize function, and enhance quality of life. She's experienced in helping her patient's break the cycle of pain and avoid surgery, and in those choosing the surgical route, she's successfully implemented numerous rehabilitative plans, pre- and post-surgically, that help maximize outcomes and ensure long-term health benefits. To inquire about availability, schedule an appointment, verify insurance eligibility and policy coverage, and/or ask about cash rates, please refer to her clinic's contact info below.


Most people don't even realize that many of their ailments stem from spending the majority of their day sitting in the same position. Those who have, might have requested an ergonomic evaluation, or even better yet, petitioned for a standing desk, but that's only part of the equation. Ergonomic evaluations acknowledge that you're sitting all day and try to make the best of that situation by arranging your computer and desk in positions that will be the least damaging to the body, but that doesn't address that you're still sitting all day. Standing desks are a way to break up the repetitive sitting, but they still keeping you in the same position all day, neglecting that what the human body really needs for optimal health is movement. Enter the dynamic workstation. Amanda is well versed on evaluating workspaces and making recommendations on how you can arrange furniture to allow your body to be more dynamic throughout your day. The primary goal is to get your body experiencing more movement by varying the range of motion you experience at the spine, hips, knees, and ankles. Believe it or not furniture arranging is just part of the equation! There's a whole science behind the progression and bodily adaptations needed to make an injury-free transition to a dynamic workstation. Rest assured that Amanda will educate you on all the the corrective exercises needed to make your transition a success.


Amanda’s education and experience provide her with a rich and extensive background in physical therapy, integrative medicine, holistic health, and yogic philosophy. She's capable of captivating and educating a wide range of audiences in a variety of ways, She is most interested in sharing her knowledge on pain prevention and natural movement in a way that ties in her passion for holistic living. Reach out to discuss how she can tailor her discussion to best fit your group's needs.


Amanda is a credible, well-qualified source capable of lecturing for the anatomy portion of your next teacher training (TT) program. For an additional cost, she can also write the anatomy content for your TT manual, contribute to the anatomical benefits section for the poses you list in your manual, and/or consult on the accuracy of any anatomical content you have written. Amanda has experience providing anatomy lecturing services for Corepower Yoga and Soho Yoga's 200-hour Yoga-Alliance Approved TT Programs and has led various interactive anatomy and alignment labs for Integrative Wellness Retreat.