Hot Power Fusion

CorePower Yoga

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Trigger Point Therapy Athletes Yoga

Soho Yoga

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Trigger Point Therapy Athletes Yoga

Soho Yoga

1242 Hermosa Ave Hermosa Beach California 90254

Amanda's classes are set to music that will uplift you and themed to inspire you. Her classes appeal to anyone who appreciates a balanced sequence and a healthy sweat. Amanda is an Experienced 200-hour yoga instructor (E-RYT 200) through Yoga Alliance

HOT POWER FUSION combines the meditative + detoxifying qualities of Hot Yoga with the invigorating effects of Power Yoga. Practiced in a heated, climate-controlled environment, this class focuses on opening the shoulders, hips and spine as well as strengthening core, upper, and lower body.

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY ATHLETE'S YOGA is 30 minutes of an energizing vinyasa yoga flow followed by 30 minutes of self-massage with therapy balls + lacrosse balls. Self-massage is a powerful age-old ritual used to break up muscular tension, eliminate pain, prevent injury, increase circulation, and enhance health. This class is for all levels and heat varies from 80-95 degrees F.

YIN + RESTORATIVE YOGA is suitable for all-levels and the perfect complement to the dynamic and more active (yang) styles of yoga. This class emphasizes the use of props (blocks + straps) to help support you in longer held (2-5 minutes) poses. Focusing on the breath while different body regions are supported with props cues the body to release unnecessary  tension, facilitating a deeper state of relaxation. This is a non-heated class.